T.I. Sued For Copyright Infringement

Fresh out of jail for weapons charges and living in a halfway house, T.I. is seeing his name brought up in court documents once again.

The King of the South is being sued for his 2006 Grammy Award winning track “What You Know.”

According to court papers a man, Nathan Filby a.k.a. Motoe Blizzid, claims that “What You Know” uses portions of a song he released in 2004 titled “Reverence” leading Filby to file a copyright infringement lawsuit against him.

Filby claims that he distributed the song years ago to several people in the industry including an agent at Relentless Management, a management company believed to be affiliated with T.I.

In court documents he describes the songs as having the “same rate of harmonic range” and says the musical evidence is irrefutable down to the “virtually identical core harmonic progression of descending 4ths” and “nearly identical instrumental melodic lines in terms of pitch, shape, and rhythm.”

He ultimately wants a trial with a jury so that he may seek damages and a portion of all profits made from the song.

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