True or False: Shaquille O’Neal Bought Who a Rolls Royce Phantom for Their Birthday???

We know Shaquille O’Neal will ball out of control for his jump-offs, but you won’t believe who he just bought a Rolls Royce Phantom for as a birthday gift!!!
Pop the Top to Find Out

According to Shaq Diesel, he bought his teammate, LeBron James, a white Rolls Royce Phantom for his 25th birthday… DAYYUM!!! That’s a big gift. Also if you pay attention, one of the reporters asked Shaq was it a lease
and he said “Nope, Bought It Straight Up!!!”
Either something is going on, it’s used or Shaq got a big discount?!?! Why would another man buy a man a Phantom, unless they are Baby and Lil Wayne???

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