Ja Rule Dismissal Thrown Out, Faces 3 Year Prison Sentence

Although it's been years since Ja Rule made a real statement in music, he's seeing his name brought up headlines, this time for a possible upcoming prison sentence.
A federal judge ruled against Ja, real name Jeffrey Atkins, in court after he asked for a dismissal of a gun possession charge.
According to Ja, the case has no substance because police had no right to search his Maybach after a 2007 concert performance in New York.
The police did complete the search however and found a .40-cal pistol that was unlicensed and after a tip from Ja himself, a small amount of marijuana.
The judge did allow a dismissal on Ja's admission to the substance but he'll have to report back to court in March to face the gun possession charge which carries a minimum 3 and 1/2 years prison.
See what happens when you're out there doing all that thug lovin? Looks like him and Lil Wayne may soon be cell mates.

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