Former Baller Pleads Guilty To Accidental Shooting

Jayson Williams was a formidable foe on the hardwood; with any luck, he has retained some skills because they will surely be needed where he is going.
The Former NBA all-star plead guilty in a New Jersey courtroom to aggravated assault charges after accidentally murdering his limousine driver, Costas “Gus” Christofi, almost eight years ago.
Originally charged with Manslaughter, Williams has been on an unpredictable social and legal rollercoaster centered around the effort to remain a free man.
Witnesses during a 2004 trial revealed that the former Nets player was showcasing a shotgun when a sudden closure of the weapon caused it to fire.
He is not facing at least 18 months behind bars to a firearm being used in the crime.
For Williams, the legal woes are not over yet, as he is facing several charges for driving while intoxicated last week, an incident that culminated in the beleaguered athlete ramming his Mercedes SUV into a tree.

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