Nicki Minaj Is Lil Kim Minus the Nose Job

kim vs minaj
Young Money’s recent appearance on BET’s 106 & Park reminded me of the staggering similarities between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim. Mack Maine and Nicki Minaj dropped by the show to plug Young Money’s new album, We Are Young Money, but it appeared that the latter was also there to plug her latest Queen Bee-inspired look. Remember when Kim was rocking blonde hair and eccentric body accessories in the 90s? This is yet another reason why Nicki Minaj is the most original female MC in the game. /s

Lil Kim honed her craft under the firm tutelage of Notorious B.I.G, as evidenced by these reference tracks. Nicki Minaj has Lil Wayne as her personal ghostwriter. Both are notorious for their steamy lyrics and sexually charged personae.
It’s not exactly a case of the chicken or the egg. We know which came first. Ms. Minaj has spent a good chunk of her career channeling Lil Kim in various forms. Here’s the deal: If Ms. Doppelganger’s album is anything like Kim’s first solo LP, then all is forgiven.

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