Nas' DUI Arrest Hits The Net (Video)

A video has surfaced today of the popular New York rapper Nas being arrested for a DUI back in September. TMZ released the video of Nas' DUI arrest as well as a statement saying:
TMZ has obtained police dash cam footage showing rapper Nas failing several DUI field sobriety tests back in September. He was cleared of the charges -- but does he look sober to you? But you can see Nas wobble during a balance test and take the wrong number of steps during the "walk the line" test -- yet still, authorities decided it wasn't enough evidence to convict.”

Nas also admitted to smoking marijuana the night of his arrest, but was later on excused from the charges after his drug test came back negative:

“The case was dismissed after the artist's drug test came back negative, even after Nas had admitted to officials and reporters that he had been smoking marijuana before being pulled over.”

With both DUI and the  marijuana charges being dropped, it seems that Nas' got a good shoulder turn from the Henry County cops in Georgia.
When Nas is not driving drunk, he has been currently working on his collaboration piece with Damian Marley. However, until the collaboration album Distant Relatives is released, please enjoy the tape of the arrest.

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