Lil Mama To Steer Clear Of Nicki Minaj

Well we all saw earlier this year that Lil Mama had no problem stepping to the big dogs as she marched dead on to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. But apparently she wants no part of Nicki Minaj. In an interview with BET, the rapper/singer/ judge/ performance crasher spoke on the Queen Of Young Money's image stating,
Nicki Minaj is a talented rapper. She's out there, she's doing her. What she represents, I don't represent and she's doing something different, that's her lane. As the voice of the young people, Lil Mama, I focus on bringing up young girls to respect their bodies, respect theyself, do it up.
I guess Nicki didn't get the "Respect Yourself" memo nor is she worried as Lil Mama has yet to release any music in the past few years. Times a ticking...

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