Dwight Howard Suing Baby Mama for 9,200,000 Million Dollars

Dwight Howard isn’t playing with the mother of his 2 year-old son. He wants $500 for each time her “Dwight bashing” has been viewed online :
Another Orlando sports superstar is trying to clear his name. Eyewitness News discovered Dwight Howard filed two lawsuits in Orange County court this week against the mother of his child. One lawsuit seeks $9.2 million in damages and the other seeks increased custody of his 2-year-old son.
Dwight Howard has made his name and his $14 million-a-year salary on the court. Now he’s trying to clear his name by seeking millions in court. In documents obtained by Eyewitness News (read them), Howard is asking for $9.2 million for damages caused to his name and image over the Internet with comments like Dwight “has another baby in Atlanta,” “he is raunchy” and “he hasn’t shown up for his visitation in damn near three months.”
Royce Reed, who’s accused of writing the comments or encouraging others to, reportedly met Howard when she was a Magic dancer and the two had a son but never married. Eyewitness News tried to talk with her about the lawsuits, but her brother said he hadn’t seen her.
“I have no idea where she is. She hasn’t spoken at all,” he told WFTV reporter Greg Warmoth.
Reed’s attorney would not comment about the lawsuits. Howard’s attorney acknowledged the court filings this week and did say they are in an effort to protect Dwight’s image as a person, a player and a father. Eyewitness News found in the document fear that disparaging remarks could damage Dwight’s relationship with the companies he endorses, including Adidas and McDonald’s. Part of the $9.2 million in damages is a math formula, where Dwight is asking for $500 per disparaging remark already posted online multiplied by the 17,410 times they have been viewed.

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