Discussion: If Tiger Woods was Not Tiger Woods, Would All This Infidelity Matter???

November 28th, 2009 marks the day that Tiger Woods‘ world turned upside down. Since then, his secret life of infidelity has unfolded. To-date, there has been a total of about 10 girls confessing that Tiger has soaked up their panties and sent dirty text messages. But… If Tiger was just the ‘Average Joe’ that worked a 9 to 5, would anyone even care???
Tiger Woods stands to lose big endorsement deals that gave him his billionaire status all because his jump-offs decided not to keep quiet. We are pretty sure that Tiger was more than willing to pay for their silence but it seems like these girls would rather take the 15 seconds of fame and some chump change that the tabloids are paying versus Tiger setting them up with a nice little pay-off.
If this was the ‘Average Joe’ that worked in the cubicle or an office with a window, no one would care and especially not his boss. As long as that employee continued to do the job that they are paid to do, why would they care. From what we know, Tiger has missed one date so far, that was scheduled by him, but at the end of the day if ‘Average Joe’ takes off, the show must go on, just like Tiger’s tournament.
So, is this really that big of a deal??? If ‘Average Joe’ chopped down 10 girls and they all came forward, would all this matter???

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