Diddy Tried to Lose his Virginity at 7

In a recent interview, your boy Diddy talked about wanting to lose his virginity at the tender age of 7 and watching porn. Pop the top for details on this random ridiculousness.

“I tried to lose my virginity when I was seven years old. I was on top of a girl who was nine or 10, but it didn’t happen — so everybody doesn’t have to bug out. My mother and the babysitter whipped my a*s, but it didn’t knock me off my mission. When I was 13,  I felt I was a porno star because I’d been watching porn for so long. In the Bronx you could get a hotel for an hour. I always had $20 or $30 to take a chick to a hotel. I’m proud to say I love sex. You might catch me in a porn store at any given moment–it ain’t nothing I’m ashamed of.”

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