Ashanti’s Stalker Arrested…

ashanti guiseppe

It looks as though singer Ashanti has a stalker.  According to the NY Post, an Indiana man has been locked up after sending her mother over 30 disgusting messages in which he described  pleasuring Ashanti, her mom and sister.
The barrage of filth allegedly began in May, when Hurd is charged with first “sexting” Ashanti’s mother, Tina Douglas, of Glen Cove LI.
“Hey Tina baby, how u doing sexy,” Hurd, 31, text messaged Tina Douglas’ cell phone. “Tell Shani I’m coming straight home from work to put in sum overtime. U know how I do, LOL.”
The next day, he texted over to the mom a picture of his exposed genitals, and this message: “Here’s a pic I had laying around for the ladies in sum of my birthday suit lol.”
In just his third text, Hurd allegedly zips the mom a picture of a car belonging to her 29-year-old singer-actress daughter. “Shani baby I saw U parked yesterday when I showed up to the Wiz,” he allegedly says in that text, from June, going on to graphically describe masturbating to a video of one of the star’s concert performances.

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