Tiny is Getting Ready for her Big Day and It’s Not T.I.’s Release Date…

Tiny is making sure everything is right and ready for when T.I. comes home. She recently said in an interview that she plans on marrying Mr. Clifford Harris as soon as he gets home but they haven’t set a date yet.

Details Under the Hood

“Sometime [next] year, but we can’t really give a date yet because we have to find out exactly when Tip is coming home.” Tiny adds, quote, “We’ll have to just plan around that, but I envision a fairy-tale wedding.” The former Xscape singer also says that she could be teaming up with her longtime flame to produce new music. Tiny previously spent some time in the studio with T.I., and says the couple could eventually find themselves on a track together. She adds, quote, “We have several things that we’re talking about doing together, so we’ll see how that works out.”

T.I. went to prison in this past May, so that means we can expect these two to jump the broom sometime this summe

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