This Just In: Rihanna’s New Boo is a Former Drug Dealer

Word on the street is that Rihanna is shaking it up with a very well-known former drug dealer. More details under the hood.

Rihanna is being linked to Tristan Wilds who played the drug dealer, Michael Woods, on the popular HBO series “The Wire.” We hear that Tristan and Rihanna met during the taping of Jay-Z’s video for “Roc Boys” and they have kept in close contact ever since. Tristan was even at a very intimate going away party for Rihanna that she held at her LA home, before leaving for London. No one knew why Tristan was there, but quickly realized that he and Rihanna were “close” friends after the two remained openly affectionate with one another the whole night. They say Tristan is a real gentleman, and obviously, he has the approval of Camel, so this may work.

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