Sesame Street Turns 40, Doesn’t Look a Day Over 3

We saw Big Bird’s giant orange and clearly very strong legs replacing our “L”’s in an early morning Google search. And once we realized it’s impossible for a muppet to die, we were all “Happy Birthday!”

Sesame Street 40 Years Google 2Sesame Street was an integral part of millions of childhoods, including our own. On November 10, the show will be celebrating its 40TH BIRTHDAY, with a special episode featuring First Lady Michelle Obama interacting with Face Lettuce.

When I was little, it wasn’t a morning without sitting through an episode of Sesame Street with my Mom. Everything about it cracked me up as a kid — and frankly, still does as an adult — but, apparently, I was also learning something. I’ve met people who claim that Sesame Street is a cause for ADD, to which I say “You have no idea what you’re talking ab– what was that? Did you guys hear that? Oh, I like your shoes. Jeez it’s hot out. Go Yankees!” But all that ADD was well worth it for the heaps of knowledge this educational muppet show imparted so many years ago.

And now, they’re hitting their dreaded mid-life crisis. What does a 40 year old Muppet do to feel young again? Buy a Big Wheels motorcycle? Does Big Bird have a gigantic 6x leather jacket made? Does Bert adopt a little Muppet Baby? Does The Count… well, on second thought, The Count is probably 1200 years old, so 40 is like toddler time for the guy. He probably started balding in the 1500s.

Forgive the digressing. Sesame Street has offered so many memorable moments in all of our childhoods. And to celebrate 40 years of being the best at what they do, we’re asking you an important question: What’s Your Favorite Sesame Street Sketch? We were going to go ahead and say the Orange that sings Carmen — because we’re sophisticates — but ended up going with our hearts. The following song is actually my Ipod, that’s how much I love it. It never fails to crack me up. Ladies and gentlemen, join me in watching… Captain Vegetable:

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