MJ’s Funeral Cost the Jacksons 1 Million Dollars

Court documents revealed yesterday, show that the cost of Michael Jackson’s funeral arrangements reached a million dollars. Pop the top for more and a sneak peek of Janet’s first TV appearance on ABC.

Bossip has learned that MJ’s estate shelled out $35,000 for his burial garments, $3,682 for a framing of his photo and $21,455 for the late-night restaurant reception after the burial. The biggest cost was the $855,730.31 contract with Forest Lawn Memorial which is where Michael was laid to rest.

The court documents with this information were released after Katherine and her attorneys announced she would be ending her war with the executors appointed in her son’s will. On a positive note, the Jacksons are starting to recoup after MJ’s death and Janet is set to appear on ABC next week.

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