Coon Of The Day: Lil Boosie Gets Jail Time Doubled

Lil Boosie will now spend more than 2 years behind bars after he directly violated a judge’s orders:

Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie will now be serving an extra year behind bars after violating orders of his plea deal. As reported earlier, Boosie plead guilty to a third-offense marijuana possession charge in September and was only expected to serve a year behind bars. As part of the deal, Boosie was ordered to be electronically monitored and to clear his concert dates with the court while awaiting sentencing this week, but the rapper’s monitor indicated that on more than one occasion, he violated portions of the judge’s order. According to 2theadvocate, Boosie was lectured by Judge Chip Moore and sent straight to jail.

“I really hope that you get it straight, ” said Moore.”You have the ability to change people’s lives for the better, including your own. I’m disappointed because it’s bad decision-making.” Boosie will be on probation for five years after he is released from prison.

This guy is a regular genius.

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