3 US Soldiers Get Arrested After the One Time Seizes 680 Pounds of Weed and Major Stacks

If Frank Lucas did it, why can't I. According to reports, three U.S. Army soldiers were arrested Tuesday after police pulled them over for speeding in a rental car. After the stop, Phoenix, Arizona police found 680 pounds in marijuana in the vehicle as well as $10,000 in cash.

And get this, they all had on their military uniforms and showed their military I.D.s. I guess being a veteran was no cause for police not to take a further look into what the soldiers were doing.

The three men, Dwayne Campell, Llewellyn Stamoulis and Romaine May were charged with suspicion of marijuana possession, drug transportation, money laundering and conspiracy. Stamoulis was also booked on a count of driving with a suspended license.

Talking about riding dirty. Something tells me they should have stuck with Uncle Sam because crime just ain't for them.

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