Drake hints at movie role with Jamie Foxx

Up and coming Candian rapper Drake recently talked about his interest in possibly doing a movie with established actors like Jamie Foxx. Saying he can balance music and films, Drake did say he would like to make a film. “I’m working on [acting] right now,” Drake said. “One of my best friends in this industry is Jamie Foxx…so hopefully we’ll get to do a movie together. And I’m a big Judd Apatow, comedic timing fan. I love all those movies that they do. So, yeah, I really want to get back into acting. It’s definitely something I’m interested in and always will be.” In related news, beyond the two albums that Drake plans to release, Drake says he is looking outside of music for growth in culinary arts. “I want to drop this album, then another, and then take a break to do film and study culinary arts,” Drake told Rolling Stone in the magazine’s current issue. Once he masters his skill, the aspiring chef plans to put it to good use. “Then I’m gonna open a restaurant in Toronto. Hopefully my name will hold more weight by then.” He should have no problem as he has quickly become the most-buzzed-about hip-hop act of the year.

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