#layziegear review by #RandybFap :::: #Fashion

Hi everyone this is Randy B and today I am doing a review on the Bone Thugs and Harmony hat . I had my hat for about a week now, I will be doing my Pros, Cons and Specs on this product. First my Cons : my Cons are this Black hat attracts a lot of lent next is the packing is arrives in can be a little better but not Biggie . Pro its a Nice fitting snap back that is make of a light weight cotton. I a big 90's Hiphop Fan this One of the best hiphop groups for all time. Spec the Hat is made in China and is made of %100.

If you life this have toy can check them out on Instagram of  Facebook at #Laziegear if you like to by here is a Link to the Website https://www.layziegear.com/products/white-bucket-bone-thugs-n-harmony-hat-w-black-logo?variant=29010224781

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