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(Djlilbofap) Tell Me about yourself?

(JiaNicole) My name is Jia Nicole Manning, I'm 23, I'm currently a working student/ aspiring songwriter. I've always been creative, and interested in the arts. I'm studying recording arts and show production at FIRST institute & although I'm not where I want to be yet, I am making my way towards my goals.  I'm very patient and genuinely friendly. I keep an open mind and accept all walks of life.

(Djlilbofap) Where were you born? What city and County you reppin?

(JiaNicole) Orlando, Fl born & raised!

(Djlilbofap)  how did you come up with the song Don't touch my hair?

(JiaNicole) It is a cover of a Solange song that came off of her recent album "A Seat At The Table". It turned into a remix because I learned that my friend Lematic doesn't sing, so he did his verse and I feel like it really gave the song more flavor.

(DjLilbofap) I see all you Photos are in Black & White is there a reason?

(JiaNicole) I've always been attracted to black and white themes. The absence of color kind of reflects my personality. You can see me for what I am in the light on the surface but then there are the shadowy areas that people can't always figure out.

(Djlilbofap)What are your achievements to this date?

(JiaNicole) In life my first big achievement was graduating high school. From there, I started off at a traditional two year community college in Tampa where I maintained my grades and worked my way through school. I did not graduate from Hillsborough Community College but while I was there, I landed a job as Resident Assistant, and a job at Vision Works. Being an RA felt like an achievement because I was honestly, and proudly, the best RA. Also, getting a job at Vision Works at the young age of 19 was very empowering. Since then, I received a promotion at cold stone, and was recently employee of the month (last month) at my current job.

(Djlilbofap) Who was your favorite manager and why?

(JiaNicole) Jennifer Marrero. She was very sweet, hard working, and sincere. I have much respect and appreciation for her.

(Djlilbofap) Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?

(JiaNicole) A seasoned songwriter/recording engineer/holding LLCs for music related business ventures such as beat production sales, published songs, etc. Possibly working in radio. I'd like to have my hands in a little of everything lol.

(Djlilbofap) How would you feel about working for someone who knows less than you?
(JiaNicole) If they show signs of strong potential and dedication, I wouldn't mind.

(Djlilbofap) What do you like to do for fun?

(JiaNicole) I like roller skating, seems like no one does that anymore. I enjoy a nice movie, going to the beach, anything music related, concerts, spontaneous nights out with friends.

(Djlilbofap) What are you most proud of?

(JiaNicole) I almost gave up but I'm still here, I'm proud of myself for sticking around.

(Djlilbofap) What is the most difficult Situation you have had to face and how did
              you tackle it?

(JiaNicole)When I was in school the first time around, I ended up working, studying, and partying too much. I was running off of little sleep and everything eventually caught up to me. My last semester at HCC, I held three jobs and a full time status as a student. It was just too much. I was out of it for a while after that. I overcame it through the love of my friends and family.

(Djlilbofap) What are strengths? and What Are your Weakness?

(JiaNicole) Strengths: Talented, creative, determined, polite, clever, patient, teachable, and social.
Weakness: Procrastination, introverted at times, awkward, too nice.

(Djlilbofap) What do you enjoy about this industry?

(JiaNicole) I love being around like minded, creative people who aren't afraid to express themselves. It's very liberating to be apart of a community that doesn't always go with the way society has things layed out.

(Djlilbofap)Was there a person in your career who really made a difference in your life?

(JiaNicole) Yes, I had a mentor who graduated from Full Sail and he broke some things down for me that I found to be useful later on in life.

(Djlilbofap) Give me an example of when you have felt anger? how did you cope  and  you still perform your work?
(JiaNicole) Being a female in this male dominated industry makes it hard to get things done. I have felt anger time and time again when dealing with men who only offer to help me so they have a better chance at advancing their own agenda. I move on from situations like that and I've been able to get some work done but not nearly as much work as I would have liked.

 (Djlilbofap)Who are your heroes?

(JiaNicole) Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Willow Smith, The Obama's, J. Cole, Wayne Dyer, and many family members. These people inspire and motivate me to become something bigger than myself. If I'm fortunate enough to be in a position to influence many people, I will do it in the most positive light - following my heroes footsteps.

(Djlilbofap) Are you a self starter? Give me and example?

(JiaNicole) I am! I moved out at 18 and got a lot of things done on my own. (I'm back home for now) I've also invested/started businesses in Mary Kay, It Works, and drove for Uber.

(Djlilbofap) How do feel about working long hard hours/ or Weekends

(JiaNicole)I'm not afraid of hard work. If someone can teach me the job, I'll learn it and do it.

(Djlilbofap)What can you bring to the industry?

(JiaNicole)Honesty, morals, values, positive influence, consciousness, social awareness, empowerment, and much more.

(Djlilbofap) How influenced you to do music?

(JiaNicole) My family first, then friends who believed in me. Specifically my mom, and my friend Zach.

(Djlilbofap) What are your lifelong dreams?

(JiaNicole) Traveling around the world, living in Canada at some point, owning a Husky, meeting my soul mate.

(Djlilbofap) How can the Globalhiphop reader get in contact with you?

Snapchat and IG: @JiaNicole
Email: jianicoleofficial@gmail.com

(JiaNicole) Thank you for this interview! Keep up the good work!

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