J Buzzi #Interview with #DJLilbo on #Globalhiphopevents ::::: #Music

(Djlilbofap)Tell Me about yourself?

(Jbuzzi)What up, my name is J Buzzi, I'm 25 right now, been making music since I was 12 but doing it seriously for 4-5 years now. 

(Djlilbofap)Where were you born? What city and County you reppin?

(Jbuzzi)Jensen Beach, Florida. I currently live up in Orlando, FL, shoutout to 772 and 407! 

(Djlilbofap) How did you get the Name J Buzzi?

(Jbuzzi)My first initial is J and my last name is Buzzi. 

(Djlilbofap) How is it feel to be home doing the Pineapple Fest?

(Jbuzzi)One of the dopest feelings is seeing my hometown fan base grow. The first year I did Pineapple Fest I brought out like 60 people, now I'm seeing a few hundred come out, it's crazy. Definitely a humbling and awesome time. 

(Djlilbofap)What are your achievements to this date?

(Jbuzzi)I have a lot of moments that I am super proud of. A few that really mean the most to me are performing at University of Wisconsin (River Falls), headlining my own show to 140+ people, opening for Caskey (twice) & crowd surfing, performing at Pineapple Fest, and making it to the top of the contenders for Okeechobee Music Fest. Also, seeing my youtube and soundcloud both hit 125,000+ views/plays is really dope.  

(Djlilbofap)Who was your favorite manager and why?

(Jbuzzi)I currently manage myself, I always have, just makes sense for myself financially. 

(Djlilbofap) What made you come up with the song With You Feat. Ariel ?

(Jbuzzi)Ariel is a dope friend and I was a fan of her music. I sent her over the beat first and wanted to get her thoughts on it and we came up with the idea after hearing the direction of the instrumental. 

(Djlilbofap)Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?

(Jbuzzi)I hope to be doing national/international tours and being able have some financial freedom through my music. I also want to be able to affect people in a positive way through my music so I hope to do something on the side for that. 

(Djlilbofap)How would you feel about working for someone who knows less than you?

(Jbuzzi)It depends on the person honestly. I've worked with plenty of people that know less than me. As long as they work hard, and are willing to learn and hear me out, I'm cool with it. 

(Djlilbofap)What do you like to do for fun?

(Jbuzzi)I play soccer and golf when I can. I also like to travel when I get the time off to do so. 

(Djlilbofap)What are you most proud of? 

My work ethic. 

(Djlilbofap)What do you enjoy about this industry?

(Jbuzzi)I enjoy the people I get to work with and meet. Networking is a huge part of the industry and I've been thankful to meet some really dope people through music.

Djlilbofap)Was there a person in your career who really made a difference in your life?

(Jbuzzi)There's been a few, honestly. Stephen Marro engineered my last 2 albums and he really taught me a lot about my sound and different things that translated into my personal life. My mom has always told me to do my best no matter what it is that I'm doing and that definitely helps with music and my personal life. My girlfriend also plays a huge role in helping my persistence with music as well as the business side of it. 

(Djlilbofap)Who are your heroes? 

(Jbuzzi)There's so many people I look up to. My family members are all my heroes. They always support me to the fullest and do great things for me/each other.

Djlilbofap)Are you a self starter? Give me and example?

(Jbuzzi)Always. My favorite music answer is headlining my own show. The idea came together with a couple business partners and friends of mine (Benzi + Amber). We executed the idea and ended up giving the venue its highest grossing night which is really cool to me. 

(Djlilbofap)How do feel about working long hard hours/ or Weekends?

(Jbuzzi)I've been doing it for years and years. If you're not ready for that, you're probably not ready for the industry.

Djlilbofap)What can you bring to the industry?

(Jbuzzi)I bring a different sound, stronger work ethic, and level head. 

(Djlilbofap)How influenced you to Rap?

(Jbuzzi)My old buddies from way back in the day. They were in a group called "Dem Jensen Boyz" and were making some dope songs from Jensen Beach. They kind of showed me how to record, gave me the program to record on, and helped me get going. APO is also a huge help to the start of my career. If we are talking ''famous'' people, definitely Nelly, Ludacris, Lil Wayne. 

(Djlilbofap)What are your lifelong dreams?

(Jbuzzi)I want to be able to provide for my family, enjoy what I wake up doing every day, and see my friends/family succeed in what they love. 

(Djlilbofap)how can the Globalhiphop reader get in contact with you?

(Jbuzzi)Make sure to follow me everywhere possible!!! My instagram & twitter are both @J_Buzzi. My facebook page is www.facebook.com/jbuzzimusic, and you can find my soundcloud/youtube by searching J Buzzi!
Shoutout to Global Hiphop for this dope interview also, I love when people get to know me further than just the music. I appreciate you guys and will always support what you have going on!

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