Mike Tyson to Train Chris Brown for Soulja Boy Fight :::: #Music

With Floyd Mayweather training Soulja Boy for his upcoming fight with Chris Brown, 50 Cent has jumped into Breezy's corner... and tapped Mike Tyson to train the singer.
50 has been working overtime promoting the upcoming fight, sharing his thoughts about potential undercard fights, while trolling Soulja Boy in the process.
On IG, Fif revealed that Iron Mike is on board to train Breezy... and the boxing legend believes Soulja Boy has no chain of winning.

"Listen Mike, they say Floyd’s going to be training Soulja Boy, so I said I’ve gotta get Mike Tyson to train Chris Brown," 50 is heard telling Tyson on the phone.
"Yeah, Soulja Boy’s gonna get f*cked up," he replied.
Word is, the Soulja Boy-Chris Brown fight is slated to go down in Las Vegas sometime in March.

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