Detroit Lions Set NFL record for Playoff Losing Streak :::: #Sports

The Detroit Lions fell to the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday (Jan. 7) 26-6, setting an NFL record for the longest playoff losing streak.

The Lions have fone 25 seasons without a playoff victory, and 60 seasons without a road win in the playoffs -- the longest in the NFL, after breaking a tie at eight with the Kansas City Chiefs (1993-2014) and Cincinnati Bengals (1990-present).

The present day Lions are also the first NFL team since the 1999 squad to enter the postseason on a three-game losing streak and proceed to lose their first playoff game. Five other teams had gone into the playoffs on three-game losing streaks in that time frame, but all won their first playoff game, reports ESPN.

Furthermore, the loss proves they are not ready for prime time. Detroit lost at night on national television for the third straight week... and are 1-9 in their past 10 prime-time games.

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