Drake On Jewelry Heist: “Nobody Robbed Me” ::: #Music

Days after his tour bus was reportedly robbed of around $3 million in jewelry, Drake is saying it never happened... at least not to him.

While in Phoenix, AZ, earlier in the week, for a stop on the "Summer Sixteen Tour", a thief managed to get aboard one of Drake's tour buses and made off with a briefcase containing $3 million in jewelry. However, the briefcase belonged to his tour DJ, Future the Prince, not Drake.

The culprit has since been arrested, and has been identified as a homeless man named Travion King, who was apprehended at Arizona State University hours later.

On Wednesday night (Sept. 7), paparazzi caught up with Drake, when he showed up at a restaurant in Hollywood to meet Rihanna, and asked him about the robbery.

"Nobody robbed me," he said twice, when asked how he felt about the jewelry heist.
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