Rapper Who Shot Himself in the Face, Says He Did it For Publicity :::: #Music

Indiana rapper Kasper Knight recently shot himself in the face, in an attention-seeking stunt that he filmed and posted online for publicity.
Since posting the clip on Facebook (NSFW, extremely graphic), the aspiring rapper has garnered millions of views.
In an interview with Channel 15 News in Indiana, Knight explained his reasoning behind the act. "I find [my critics] weird that they wouldn't endure minor trauma to potentially gain a massive profit," he explained, adding that he hopes it will result in a record deal. "I just don’t want to go back to work".
One of his lyrics says, "a bullet to the face will take me to another place"... and wanted to capture this for a music video. But, because he couldn't find a videographer to produce the visual, he took matters into his own hands.
"I’m usually pretty serious about what I’m saying when I make music. I like dark-themed music and I want to do horror rock. I wanted something actually horrific," Knight explained.
So far, the stunt has been met with widespread criticism for its promotion of self-harm, and has prompted an investigation by Indianapolis police for felony criminal recklessness.
Following the incident, Knight went straight to the hospital where he got stitches, and found through an x-ray he had swallowed the bullet.

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