More Teens Are Smoking Weed Than Drinking Alcohol, Study Says :::: #LifeStyle

A new study says that teenagers are more likely to smoke marijuana, rather than binge drink.

According to Project Know, reported by the Washington Post, teens between 12 to 17 were asked if they have used marijuana or got drunk in the past 30 days, most admitted to smoking weed.

For instance, when surveying teens in Washington, D.C., which had the highest rate of weed-smoking teens, 32 percent percent smoked in the past month, while just 14 percent admitted to binge drinking. Other places where most teens said they'd smoked included New Mexico, (27.8 percent), Washington (26.7 percent), Connecticut (26 percent) and Vermont (25.7 percent).

However, some states had more teen drinkers than smokers, especially in the middle of the country.

Here's a map that breaks it down by state.

Drugs map

In another map (below), substance abuse is broken down by state, and New Mexico was the state where the most teens said they'd used cocaine (10.3 percent), followed closely by Arizona and California. Arkansas had the highest rate of teens abusing prescription drugs with 21.5 percent.

Drugs map

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