Funkmaster Flex Disses Drake On-Air, Rapper Responds :::: #Music

After dissing Hot 97 and Funkmaster Flex last week, during the first night of Drake's "Summer Sixteen Tour" at NYC's Madison Square Garden, Flex promised a response.
During his diss, Drizzy yelled out "F*ck Hot 97", adding that the station is "telling lies", before calling for Flex's termination.
On Saturday (Aug. 6), Flex took to NYC airwaves to retaliate. During a lengthy on-air rant, he called Drake a "bozo" and a "punk", while making it clear that he was not in fear of losing his job.
"First of all, Drake, I’m not really worried about you making me lose my job," he said. "Want me to tell you why? 70 percent of your fans wear high heels. The other 30 percent are guys who wear sandals. I’m not concerned about you."
Flex also revealed a couple of anecdotes about Drake, beginning with the alleged backstory behind the "R.I.C.O." reference track at the heart of Drake and Meek Mill's feud. According to Flex, Meek Mill felt some of Drake's lines could have been subliminal disses.

"[Drake] lays the verse on the song," explained Flex. "He gets pressed and questioned. His team, they punk-panic and give up the reference track to say, 'Woah. He didn’t write it. This guy wrote it." That’s how that came about. And you know I know that story punk... You coughed up the reference track to not get pressed."
Flex also brought up Drake's feud with Diddy, saying his arm was injured, thanks to a security guard and not as a result of his much-discussed altercation with Diddy. "You was wearing that sling because when Puff started wearing you out, the security panicked, yanked your arm almost out the socket and put you in that SUV. Do you remember that, bozo?"
Following the rant, Drake responded to Flex at an after-party for the "Summer Sixteen Tour," where he discussed the state of New York rap.
"When I say keeping New York music alive, I don’t mean going and playing songs four weeks late and sh*t, trying to sound cool, late night, primetime on the radio, 7-to-9 o'clock talking all that bullsh*t," he said. "I mean shout out to the real DJs that know about the real music and sh*t like that. Shout out to New York City. It’s love, you already know. My name is Drake. I’m here to f*ck with you tonight. F*ck the rest of that bullsh*t."

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