YG Clarifies Rumored Chris Brown Diss, Calls Out “Streetwear Brands” :::: #Music

While on the road with G-Eazy for the "Endless Summer" Tour, YG stopped by KMEL in the Bay Area to discuss his new album.
During the interview, the Compton rapper addresses the specific song, "Don't Come To LA".
"Just a lot of f*ck sh*t," YG says of the record. "That record just talking about how a lot of people that's not from L.A., and really ain't have nothing to do with the culture, they come from outta town and they start representing. They acting like they really a part of the culture. Stop playing bro."

"I only chose to speak up on it, because there's a lot of that going on," he continued. "It's a lot of people always saying something about it, but they ain't got the platform or voice to say something and people hear it, and be like, 'Bout time, somebody said something'. I got y'all. Don't trip. I'mma press the line."
When asked about the rumors that he's was taking shots at Chris Brown on the song, YG clarifies that he wasn't aiming at anyone specifically. "That's in general. It ain't to one person. It's a lot of people I'm talking to. Period," he explained. "Nah man, I'm talking that real sh*t."

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