Joe Budden Mocks Meek Mill On Instagram :::: #Music

Since taking a shot at Meek Mill on his new Drake diss track, "Making a Murderer (Part 1)", Joe Budden and Meek have exchanged swipes online.
Joe took to Instagram on Tuesday (July 5) with a shot at his rival with a parody album cover, telling him to sit down. In the caption, he tells Meek to "sit back & watch a real MC do what you couldn't", referencing his battle with Drake.

On "Making a Murderer (Part 1)", Budden takes aim at Drake over an alleged diss track he recorded with French Montana, though it has yet to surface. However, there's a line for Meek on it as well, when he raps: ""No alliances with Meek / It's still f*ck him too".
Meek Mill took to Instagram shortly after the song was released, essentially saying Budden hasn't had a career since 2003, the year he dropped his biggest hit to-date, "Pump It Up".

The issues between Joe and Meek date back to last summer, when he said Meek's music had become "sappy f*ck sh*t" since he began dating Nicki Minaj. Following the comments, Meek responded during an interview with The Breakfast Club calling him "corny as sh*t"... and the two haven't liked each other since.

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