Jeremy Lin Gets Braids, Twitter Says the Nets Will Win the East :::: #NBA

New Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin has been changing his hairstyle with each new team. His latest is braids... and people on Twitter are going nuts.
After crazy spiked hair and a bowl cut, Lin has opted for cornrows, which he says he's "been wanting to do... for a long time."
The hairstyle has the Internet talking, with some fans going as far as to comparing Lin to Allen Iverson, and even saying it's proof that the Brooklyn Nets are going to win the East.
Check out the reactions below (via Complex):

Jeremy Lin got the Sprewell braids? It's over, the Nets are going to the East finals

cornrow power rankings
1. actual black people
2. Eastern Europeans
3. Asian/Spanish gang members
100. white girls on vacation

Jeremy Lin gotta drop 30+ with the braids. AI would be proud.

There's no way the Nets aren't winning the chip this year

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