Dizzy Wright Opens Up About Hopsin’s Split From Funk Volume :::: #Music

The drama within the Funk Volume camp spilled onto the Internet earlier this year, when its flagship artist Hopsin aired out co-founder Dame Ritter.
Hop has since opened up about the fallout with his now-former business partner, following the release of "Ill Mind of Hopsin 8". However, the other artists on Funk Volume, have yet to really speak up on the split.
But recently, Dizzy Wright opened up about Hopsin and how things at the label crumbled, via an interview with Home Grown Radio.
According to the Las Vegas rapper, he says: "I just don't think Hopsin really rocked with me like that."
Throughout the interview, Dizzy maintains that he remained loyal to Hopsin throughout his four-year stint with Funk Volume, and for him to just close up shop over an argument, he feels like it was petty.
"I got a lot of love for Hopsin and that's because I put my loyalty first when it comes to him," he explains. "It's been a lot of sh*t that Hop's did that I ain't rock with, that I ain't go to social media and blast a nigga about or didn't call a n*gga no kinda names. Like, you know I just know that niggas are who they are and they're going to grow how they grow."
Watch the entire interview with Dizzy Wright below.

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