Benny Gold 4th of July “Think Peace” Collection :::: #Fashion

San Francisco-based Benny Gold celebrates the nation's Independence Day with a 4th of July capsule collection, dubbed "Think Peace".
Following the recent tragedy in Orlando, the brand said they felt compelled to promote a positive message.
"What a crazy time we live in. There’s no escape from the daily reminder of the threats we face," the brand said in a press release. "Our media is in the business of pedaling fear, and fear leads to irrational decision making. This is great for the few who crave control over the masses. But the masses prosper most in times of peace. With all the recent events that have left us reeling, and Independence Day on the horizon, we feel compelled to help spread this message of peace and independence. We believe that if we deny our basic human fear, and instead 'Think Peace', then we CAN take the power back!"

The capsule consists of a T-shirt and cap, each in a white colorway, with hits of patriotic red and blue.
The Benny Gold 4th of July "Think Peace" Collection is available at the online store.

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