Interesting: Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Camera With Tape :::: #Tech

Being one of the most powerful men in the world appears to come with paranoia... or inside information regarding the kind of surveillance Big Brother employs against us.
Just ask Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.
In a recent photo posted on his Facebook account, Zuck celebrates the growth of Instagram, which FB acquired in 2012 for $1 billion.

3 things about this photo of Zuck:

Camera covered with tape
Mic jack covered with tape
Email client is Thunderbird

Nothing odd in the photo, right? Think again, one Twitter user noticed a few thingsin the photo's background -- his laptop camera and microphone jack are both covered with tape.
This suggests that Zucker is concerned about someone gaining access to his devices, specifically, the camera and microphone, and spy on him.
Security experts tell the New York Times that Zuckerberg is smart, one reason being he's a high-value target. And secondly, they say covering your video/audio ports is a cheap security safeguard.
“I think Zuckerberg is sensible to take these precautions," Graham Cluley, an online security expert and consultant, wrote in an email Wednesday. "As well as intelligence agencies and conventional online criminals who might be interested in targeting his billions, there are no doubt plenty of mischievous hackers who would find it amusing to spy upon such a high-profile figure."
What do you think? Is Zuckerberg smart in doing this? And, isn't it ironic that someone who wants the entire world to share their lives on Facebook has things he's wants hidden?

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