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Hey everyone this is Randy B and today I am doing a review on the Sound Intone headphone. I had my Headphones for a few week now, I will be doing my Pros, Cons and Specs on this product. First my Cons : my only Cons are you can't remove the wire from the headphones and you can't adjust the volume on the headphones  . Next are my Pros : the sound quality is good nice bass in them another plus is the Gold connector the is where the great sound comes from. Next is the design is modern with a lot of colors to choose from and the headphones are fordable. Specs :
Extremely lightweight and comfortable Adjustable design is ideal for virtually any sized head or ears. The earpads are very soft and plush to provide hours of comfortable listening
The on-ear design still provides good noise isolation For Travel, Work, Study And Anywhere Built-in microphone & music control The headphone cord extends approximately 4 ft, the perfect length for mobile or portable listening, and terminates to a 3.5mm (1/8') 'mini' plug jack suitable for audio connection into any mobile source like MP3 players or laptops/notebooks. Work Great With IPhone, Samsung Galaxy And Other Devices The SoundIntone On-Ear headset are quite impressive and with the 3 Months warranty. these are some good all around head phones here is a link to check them out Durable, folding construction for ease of storage and transit. The Folding Part Have Been Tested For Over 10000 Times

http://www.amazon .com/Sound-Intone-Headphones-Microphone-Smartphone/dp/B01BZXVUIQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&keywords=headphones all some check them out on TW x IG #Heaphones. thanks to my partner for letting me try this product at a discounted price.

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