Music Vet Lyor Cohen Hospitalized For Pulmonary Embolism :::: #Music

Music industry veteran Lyor Coh
en, founder of 300 Entertainment, was hospitalized over the weekend after suffering a pulmonary embolism.
The 56-year-old revealed the news in a series of videos on his Snapchat account, which a rep confirmed to Billboard. Details, however, are currently unknown, but it appears that Cohen is on his way to recovery... as revealed on his Snapchat.
"So, it would take much more to kill me than a submassive pulmomary embolism," Cohen says in the first clip, which shows him wearing an oxygen mask. "If it wasn't for my son, and my best friend Norm, I would have been a goner."

"There's actually nothing I could do. Anybody could get it. It's a little blood clot that goes right up the body into the lungs and heart."
A pulmonary embolism is the sudden blockage of a blood vessel in the lung, usually caused by a blood clot. A large enough blockage could stop bloodflow to the lung and could be fatal.
"One thing I do know, the fact that I'm so in shape and worked out all these years, it helped me survive it," Cohen explains. "Had I waited, like I typically want to do, had it not been for [son] Az and Norm insisting... The doctor said if I'd waited another four hours, I would be toast."
Later, Cohen posted a video of of his doctor -- a Dr. Khalid. He adds some funny commentary: "You're not DJ Khaled, are you?" He then followed with a video of DJ Khaled is standing beside Cohen's bed. "You're not my doctor!" Cohen shouts.
"I had to come see my brother," Khaled says with a smile. "I seen you on Snapchat and said 'I gotta tell the boss to take it easy.'"
The incident took place sometime after Cohen attended N.W.A's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Friday night.
Over the years, Cohen has held top positions with music powerhouses such as Rush Management, Def Jam Recordings and Warner Music Group. He and colleagues Kevin Liles and Todd Moscowitz eventually launched their own company, 300 Entertaiment, landing big name artists such as Young Thug and Fetty Wap, among others.

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