Garbage Pail Kids Parody Rock & Roll Hall of Fame :::: #Music

When N.W.A. was finally inducted into the R
ock & Roll Hall of Fame earlier this month, Garbage Pail Kids crashed the induction ceremony with a set of funny cards in the brand's familiar wacky way.
Dubbed "Rock & Roll Hall of Lame," the set includes parodies of the inductees, such as N.W.A. and its individual members, as well as Chicago, Cheap Trick, Steve Miller, and Deep Purple.

Ice Cube's head stuck in a block of ice and Dre is blasting his ear off with special headphones is among the hilarious cards.
The music-inspired cards also include the presenters: Kendrick Lamar, Kid Rock, and The Black Keys.
The Garbage Pail Kids "Rock & Roll Hall of Lame" set is available now, for a limited time,

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