Fat Joe Addresses Claims By Big Pun’s Widow of Stealing Royalties :::: #Music

For years, Big Pun's widow Liza Rios
has claimed that Fat Joe has withheld her husband's royalties from the family.
During an interview with 106KMEL's Shay Diddy, the rap veteran addressed the claims that Rios has alleged in a lawsuit she filed back in 2014.

"Me and his wife don't really get along like that. I think it's from being misinformed or whatever you wanna call it," Fat Joe explains. "When he passed away, she told me she didn't really have no money like that, so we did an album... we gave her like $700,000 directly to her -- not Fat Joe. We did a publishing deal... another $300,000. She had like a million dollars. She spent it, and after that, she's like, 'Yo, Fat Joe ain't taking care of me.'
"It was really, really sad, because if I died, nobody would give my family and my wife nothing," he continued. "I made it my business to make sure they got a check. And... to be slandered the way I've been slandered is really uncalled for. But, life goes on."
Joe goes on to address the lawsuit, saying there's no way she can win, because it's not true.
"She'll never win, because there's no truth to it," he said. "We're already in court for a year. We've already proved... I'm gonna win. Whenever it's over, you're gonna hear breaking news: HE WON. He don't owe her nothing. He never took nothing. I lose no sleep over it."
Joe says he's sad about the situation, because he'd love to celebrate Pun's life further... but is scared Rios may sue or he'd be accused of stealing further. "He's not celebrated enough," he said.
Joe also talks about missing out on signing the likes of Eminem to Pitbull and reuniting with Remy Ma, to squashing his longtime beef with 50 Cent, and of course, his upcoming Platas O Plomo with Remy.

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