Yo Gotti Shares Tips for Getting “Down in the DM” :::: #Music

Yo Gotti
Yo Gotti's monster hit, "Down in the DM," continues to be an anthem for social-savvy fans. So, in a recent interview with Billboard, the Memphis rapper offers up his expertise in DMing.
"Do whatever you would do in person," Gotti says. "If you're a straightforward person and walk up to somebody in the club, take the same exact approach online. If you play safe in person, play safe in the DM. Don't turn down or turn up just because it's the DM."
Gotti also offers up some warnings. "On Vine I saw somebody screen-shot DM'ing a girl and then her dude responding back. If a man's controlling her DM, y'all just in trouble," he said.
Check out Yo Gotti's full list of tips for the DM below.

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