Tim Tebow Tops Forbes' 2013 'Most Influential Athletes' List :::: #NFL

Tim Tebow

Who is the most influential athlete in sports for 2013? Apparently, Tim Tebow, if you agree with Forbes.com.
In a recently released Forbes.com survey, Tebow tops their 2013 list of "Most Influential Athletes", beating out the likes of Peyton Manning, Usain Bolt, Derek Jeter, and LeBron James, all of which made the list as well.
In fact, the top four athletes on the list, don't play much, as of late. Tebow lands at #1, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps comes in at #2, track runner Usain Bolt hits #3, and the injured MLB star Derek Jeter is at #4.
Conducted by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research, the rankings are determined by an "influential" percentage, an "awareness" percentage, and an "N-Score," Nielsen's measurement for a player's endorsement potential.
Tebow ranked with 29% influential, 48% awareness, and an N-Score of 227.
Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps finished second in the survey with 25% finding him influential; Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt (23%) was third, while New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter (22%) was fourth.

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