Supreme Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Married To The Mob

Married To The Mob - Supreme Bitch tee

Popular street/skate brand Supreme has reportedly filed a $10 million lawsuit against female label, Married To The Mob, over claims of trademark infringement over similar looking design.
According to reports, Married To The Mob founder Leah McSweeney rolled out a design called "Supreme Bitch" back in the summer of 2004, flipping Supreme's red box logo. And, fast forward to 2012, Supreme and it's owner James Jebbia has filed suit, claiming the nearly decade old design "infringes his trademark rights."
In a statement on her blog, McSweeney called the design a "parody" and feels the rival brand can't "squash free speech."
"Bottom line is this: I don't think Supreme should be able to squash free speech or my right to utilize parody in my design aesthetic," McSweeney wrote. "It's one of the most powerful ways for me to comment on the boy's club mentality that's pervasive in the streetwear/skater world. The fact that Supreme is coming after MOB, and me personally, is just another example of the hostility that MOB -- the first women's street wear brand -- has faced from Day 1. And it's why the 'Supreme Bitch' message is so important."
She states that she's obtained legal counsel, and vows to fight back ... because it's about principle.
"This isn't a fight I went out looking for, but I have no choice other than to fight back. Because right now, it's about more than just a t-shirt!"
Stay tuned for further details....

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