Kobe Bryant Battles Mom In Court Over Memorabilia Auction ::: #NBA

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is reportedly taking his mother to court, in an attempt to block her from auctioning off some sports memorabilia from his high school days in Pennsylvania and early years with the Los Angeles Lakers.
According to ESPN.com, New Jersey auction house Goldin Auctions filed a lawsuit on Thursday (May 2) for the right to sell various items after the NBA star's lawyers wrote the firm telling it to cancel a planned June auction.
In all, Pamela Bryant had planned to sell off 900 items, which are expected to fetch upwards of $1.5 million. She claims her son gave her the items, but Kobe doesn't agree and wants to block the sale.
Among the items are Kobe's jerseys, practice gear and sweatsuits from Lower Merion High School; varsity letters; a trophy for being the outstanding player at the 1995 Adidas ABCD basketball camp; and a signed basketball from the 2000 NBA championship game. There's also rings, for the 1996 Pennsylvania high school championship, a pair that the Lakers made for Bryant's parents for the 2000 NBA championship and one from the 1998 NBA All-Star game.
Court filings say Pamela inked a deal in January with Goldin Auctions, which sold a rare Honus Wagner baseball card for a record $2.1 million earlier this year.
She reportedly received $450,000 up front, which she planned to use for a new home in Nevada.
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