Houston Rockets 'Hopeful' They Can Land Dwight Howard In Free Agency :::: #NBA

Dwight Howard

With the NBA's free agency period one month away, Dwight Howard is at the top of the list of available stars... and the Houston Rockets say they are "hopeful" they can steal him away from the Lakers.
According to ESPN.com, sources close to the process say that the superstar big man has given Houston "hopeful signals" that he's seriously considering a chance from L.A. to Texas ... after becoming a free agent July 1.
Apparently, Howard "has conveyed his rising interest to Houston star swingman James Harden, his forrmer teammate with USA Basketball."
Furthermore he plans to field in-person recruiting visits from the Rockets and Dallas Mavericks once free agency begins... and other teams are expected to join the hunt for Howard as well.
After the Rockets' elimination from the playoffs in May, Harden said he would definitely be an active participant in free-agent recruiting. When asked specifically about Howard, Harden cracked a smile and said: "Maybe. Possibly."
Teams may have no formal contact with free agents until July 1st. However, discussions between players before the start of free agency isn't considered a form of tampering ... because the league "finds it difficult to try to referee the nature of discussions between friends," says ESPN.

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