Donald Trump Takes Jab At Mac Miller On Twitter :::: #Beef

Mac Miller and Donald Trump

Mac Miller famously bigged up Donald Trump on a 2011 mixtape track, titled ... well, "Donald Trump." While the business mogul was initially flattered by the song, he went after the rapperin a series of tweets earlier this year, after Miller called him "a d***" in an interview withComplex.
Trump would go on to threaten a lawsuit, but Miller later said he never made good on the promise.
With the impending release of his Watching Movies With The Sound Off album coming, Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday (May 30), and took another shot at the young rapper.
"Little Mac Miller's next album may bomb. He can't use my name again for sales," the business giant wrote (@DonaldTrump).
It's unclear if Trump is referring to any legal actions barring Miller from using his name in lyrics, or not.

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