Ice Berg discusses his label situation with Trick Daddy

Ice Berg is one of Miami’s breakout artists, but is unfortunately stuck in a contract with Dunk Ryder Records until it expires in March of 2013. He’s been offered other situations, including one from Rick Ross, but can’t move on it because of all the restrictions Trick Daddy’s Dunk Ryder Records (managed by Trick’s brother Chuck) has been setting forth. Miami New Times and Jacob Katel caught up with Ice Berg to give an update to his situation…

So then you had the Dunk Ryders behind you….
I signed to them for no money, just to rap with Trick. Just to be a fan, and have that much love for an artist, I really give him the utmost respect to this day. He’s like an idol. I’m not the mad rapper back here saying fuck Trick. At the end of the day I’m still a fan. I got respect. I’m not dissing the same dude who was there to help me get from the level I was once at.
But, he’s still got you under contract right, and you’re trying to keep it moving?
I wanna get it clear, it’s not all Trick’s doin’, but Trick’s brother Charles Young JR, they call him Chuck. His pops owns Diamonds. It’s him and his brother. I wanna clear it up that Chuck and Trick is the two guys in cahoots. I signed for Trick, I ain’t know Chuck, but he was the one handlin’ his business.

What’s the deal with the contract?
Well the contract up next year March, and I been had 2 or 3 deals on the table. Rick Ross and MMG want to sign me and been real serious about signing me. Ross offered me the deal, so I was like ‘let me clean up the situation with Trick.’

What did the Dunk Ryders want to release you?
At first they wanted way too much. Then they came back with another number, still a pretty penny (tens of thousands). So I went out and came up with it, and they say they want 25 percent and points off my next 3 or 4 albums, and that’s absurd when they didn’t even help me on my last 3 or 4 mixtapes.

How old are you now?
I’m 23.

So when the contract is up next year what happens?
The contract expires and it’s done like nothing.

But if you wanna get out of it early, it’s gonna cost you….
It was about to happen. I’m thinking I’m bout to make this move. When I signed with Trick, I ain’t have no lawyer. I made a mistake as a shorty. Make sure you have a lawyer and your business right, don’t just sign cause they some “real niggas.” For them to turn around and do this to me… I’m upset. To this day I never seen a publishing check, I don’t even know what one looks like. They sold a song I wrote to Khaled for his album…no royalty check or publishing. I wrote 3 or 4 songs, I wrote “Fuck The Other Side,” no check for that. I could go down the line, and I ain’t complaining. I just want my freedom. Until then, I’m just grinding. I’m working with Trina, I got a mixtape comin’ with Ace Hood, and one with Tom G out of Tampa. IU spoke to 
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